Monday, September 8, 2008


Family and Friends,

The mission is great...
Last week was kind of a hard one. Elder Eguez and I had some cosas (differences) we needed to work out. We had a comp switch for a day and I was with Elder Vigil from Layton Utah. He has been out for quite a while and has some good experiences that he shared. It really taught me some valuable cosas about how to make the best out of every situation. Things changed a little bit..

This week has been good. The members continue to feed us references and help us with our area, it is interesting how big of an area it is. Six investigators showed up to church and we continue to try our best. Artemio has one more lesson to go and is kind nervous about the baptism coming up. He wants it a week or two later. We talked to him about praying to know if it was right for him or not. He agreed and I really think that he will have some great experiences a head. It is awesome because when we try our hardest and continue to work through our hard times things turn out great.

The area is interesting. It is dirty and really poor and the people are humble and I think probably every day I get cat calls. The Spanish is going well and I took a few pictures but will send them in a while. It is so hard to find enough time to email so please help keep everyone updated.


Elder Griffin

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GDR said...

Hi Griffin Family!! I'd love to correspond with you all. Our son is also in Peru Lima North. Elder Landon Lee Rich. Please email me at