Sunday, October 5, 2008

Artemio's Baptism

This week has been a great one.
My interesting experience this week is that I got robbed of 3 soles about 1 dollar. Some guy with cuts on his wrist asked me how much money I had on me because he is a robber... this day I only had three soles. I felt like telling him, that was successful go buy yourself a chocolate bar and an Inca Cola. but I didn’t!! Our golden investigator with a baptism date was as drunk as anyone I have ever seen. It really kind of made me sad at first, but we are going to work with him and hopefully see if we can’t get his problems taken care of.

Artemio Alfaro favorite investigator and my first investigator got baptized yesterday and guess who baptized!!! It was the coolest experience that I have ever had and the feeling that I actually baptized the first investigator that I taught in my mission is awesome. Elder Rhoton and Elder Fidler were really good about it because it was in there area...Hermano Rhoton su hijo es un buen misionero y es mi mejor amigo (Brother Rhoton’s son is a great missionary and he is my best friend)....thanks for posting to my blog.

My companion and I have just had some hard times trying to communicate our differences. He is the leader of the district and my senior companion....he likes to do things different than I do and it is hard to be patient with him. He doesn’t try to do the same for me. He just doesn’t communicate well, he gets angry at me when I do something wrong and never shows patience and it isn’t like he is perfect....he has his weaknesses also but I really try to be patient......that is the one thing that I have learned about this exchange is patience....because you know my temper and I have really learned how to control it. I just remind myself only one more week....

Life is great and my first exchange is almost done. It is crazy to think of how time flies. I love you all and am always ready to hear from you...I love this mission!!!!

My area isn’t exactly beautiful but the view when we go up in the hills is really cool. I am thinking that if you and dad want to visit this area after the mission it might be a good thing for dad to get trained on how to fire a gun and buy one...jk.

I am Great.....I do need to continue studying the language...I love you and the family....BYE!!!!


Sadie said...

This is a little of what Elder Rhoton wrote last week. Thought it would make you smile.

"Oh, the Elder Griffin you read about is totally my roommate!! He plays the piano all the time and he's amazing! Elder Griffin was the one that baptized our investigator yesterday because he hadn't baptized anyone yet. It was an awesome service and Artemio, the kid that got baptized is amazing. It was funny though because when Elder Griffin went to put him under the water, he totally nailed his head on the wall of the font. But on a more spiritual note, he got confirmed right after the baptism and I got to be a part of that. It was the sweetest thing ever because right when Pres. Silva said "recieve the Holy Ghost" I honestly just felt the spirit fill my being, and then go down and fill his. It was just awesome."

R Rhoton

Artemio Alfaro said...

Realmente fue un dia maravilloso, Nunca loOlvidare! Lo recuerdocon muchoamor y siento cada vez mas gozo en mi corazon por todas las cosas que han ocurrido desde aquel dia,luego yopude compartir el Evangelio con Algunas personas y y pude Bautizar y alguno de ellos ahora esta en la Misión, es hermoso el Gozo que se siente; yo me selle en el Templo hace casí tres años y soy Muy Feliz, Gracias por ser Valientes y Compartir el Evangelio, LEs AmO!