Monday, January 18, 2010

80 contacts

My new area is pretty cool. I am with Elder Huaman from Arequipa, Peru. He is cool we get along good, and are really working hard to have success. We had 80 contacts in the week with the changes. WE DO STILL HAVE 1 HOUR BUT I ARRIVED A LITTLE LATE LAST TIME. I am happy and willing to keep going and fighting to overcome my challenges.

I know that the Mission is very important. I used to really be concerned what people thought of me before the mission, but those thoughts are leaving little by little, I am understanding that it doesn’t matter. I am in the mission for MY spiritual progress and for My Salvation, along with helping many other people in their progression and salvation.
I really liked the comments and quotes that you had. I know that this Church is perfect and that the mission is the BEST 2 YRS.!!
My challenges, well everyone has challenges. I am not perfect and they are little things like not speaking PERFECTLY sometimes gets me frustrated, being disseminated, and other little things that happen in the mission.

I am here to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength and I know that if I try to accomplish that then the Lord will accept it. I still have not gotten my Christmas package.

It`s all good. I don`t get discouraged easily. I will just continue and work hard like I know I should. I check with the office every week and they say that there is`s funny..not really.

I love you guys so much and really am SOOO grateful for your examples and your love. I hope that everything is great and that the Lord is blessing you like he is blessing me. I love this work and I love this church. HOW IS JEN..?? How are you..? When is Ryan going to send his papers in...?

~Elder Griffin

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