Monday, January 25, 2010

Teaching in English

Hey, Family...Life is good.

We had a good week this week we received 34 references. We just need to come up with a way that we can teach all of them, because sometimes it is hard to find time. We are working hard and really changing. I don`t have much time to write you because we arrived a little late. I REALLY love you guys and hope that everything is great. That is really weird to think that Skyler is married already. TELL RYAN to keep going and to NEVER think twice about serving a mission, it`s the BEST TWO YEARS. I PROMISE. I thank you guys for your e mails and for your love that you show me every week. I really do appreciate it. I love hearing about you guys and everybody else.
I AM TEACHING A NIGERIAN that is here. HE IS A PROFESIONAL SOCCERPLAYER and he understands ENGLISH (British) better than Spanish, so we (otro misionero gringo) and I have got to teach him in English, is that cool or what.

~Elder Griffin

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