Saturday, January 2, 2010

Date fell through, Word of Wisdom

Hey Papá, Mamá, y familia,

I was also very happy to hear your voices. It sure is a very long time to wait.
My package; well if you guys remember when you sent the last package, I received it from the mission after about 4 months. I hope and pray that that will not happen again, BUT I will definitely learn patience if it is while I am on my mission or after the mission.

Our baptismal date fell through. He drank alcohol again and we have to see how we can help him out. We are finding new people and I pray every day that we can be the most obedient and most diligent that we can be. It is very weird to think that in less than 6 MONTHS I will be home. I am not TRUNKY but it actually is on the contrary. Iit MOTIVATES me to work harder every day. ELDER BARBA, my companion and zone leader told us that THE HARDER THAT WE WORK IN THE MISSION, THE PRETTIER OUR WIFE WILL BE AFTER (I realize that this is just to motivate me but it was a funny little thing), so if I am lazy I will just have to marry someone that is a VERY NICE PERSON, or better said that has a very STRONG TESTIMONY.
Sorry I didn´t have much time but I will be sure to tell you when I get my package.
~Elder Griffin

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