Monday, February 15, 2010

Investigator teaching the gospel

Hey mom, dad, and family,

This week was a really good week. We are teaching two families who are married and are really cool. THE ONE FAMILY is VERY CATHOLIC but the wife is reading the BOOK OF MORMON and is in 2 NEPHI. They are both really smart people.
I had to call two members to repentance yesterday. One was buying a soda in a small market after STAKE CONFERENCE. He is a return missionary. The other case is that we had a baptismal date with an investigator for the 20th but the family ¨who are members¨ decided to no go to church with him, and so his date fell. I had to teach them very clearly about the Sabbath Day, and I could tell that they were a little ashamed.

I really am learning to love the people and we are finding new people every day that are progressing and will be baptized soon.
IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY yesterday we were teaching for the first time the husband of one of these families that are married. He was with his dad who is old. His dad started to say that he only believes in the bible, that he will never change religions and that the world would be better if everybody was baptized catholic when they are born. Well this is the funny part, HIS SON IS CATHOLIC also but started to correct HIS DAD for 40 minutes, saying I don`t mean to offend you dad but you are generalizing something that isn`t even true. They are here for 2 years and that is something that I respect. I don`t mean to offend you but I have a suggestion for you, DAD, what you need to do is LISTEN to what they say. JUST LISTEN and apply the things that they are teaching you. I feel bad because I really was trying NOT TO LAUGH but it was IMPOSSIBLE.

I love these experiences and really love the mission.
MOM I HAVE A QUESTION. WHAT IS THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY THAT THEY HAVE IN THE STATES WHEN IT COMES TO CAMERAS? They have a camera that is here that is 1099 soles or that is about 350 dollars. It is the brand LUMIX that is really a Panasonic name brand it has 10.1 megapixels and 12 optic zoom, with 2.7 inch LCD screen. I am thinking about if it is really worth it to buy another camera that is a lot better than mine if THE NEW CAMERA will just be crappy technology/and more expensive than I could get when I return home.

That is so exciting that they will be getting their papers this week. Tell them congrats. I can’t wait to find out where they are going! Will you take pictures of the house and send them to me in an email? You know how much I love our garden and the beautiful house.

That does stink a little bit that you will not be able to go skiing today but don`t worry everything has its time and order. GOD KNOWS BEST.

I only took out 600 soles and so that means I will have to take out about 800 soles more so that I can also buy a suit and a camera.

~Elder Griffin

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