Monday, February 8, 2010

More missionaries to come

That is soooo exciting everything that you have told me.
I AM SO HAPPY. THE PACKAGED FINALLY ARRIVED and I AM VERY Thankful for ALL of the things that were in it. The wood plan of salvation is cool, and the food, well you know that will NOT go to waste.

We had a cool missionary night that I came up with. Here in PerĂº all of the churches have a soccer court, or basketball court with goals. So what we did is we made a game of chutes and ladders but of the Plan of Salvation. It was really kind of fun and the members liked it. Then I shared my testimony of the Plan of Salvation and well it turned out really well.

My companion is pretty cool. HE is ELDER HUAMAN de Arequipa his birthday is the 21 of MARCH, funny huh, the day before mine. He does work hard and we have fun, we get along well.

I AM SO excited to hear where RYAN and Aleni will go. Tell Aleni that I will pay her back, that I WILL DEFINATELY WRITE HER on her mission and that I hope she can forgive me because I have not written her.

CAN YOU DO ME A FAVOR? I NEED A RECIPE OF TORTILLAS MEXICANAS and if you haven`t sent the package yet. If you can put my MUSIC DICTIONARY in it I would appreciate it.
YES THE SAUCES ARRIVED UNBROKEN but have been used frequently since I have gotten them. I LOVE AMERICAN PRODUCTS.
I LOVE YOU GUYS and am SO grateful for your love and your support. I do hope that you are all great and enjoying life like I am at this point in my life.


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